A grand adventure on a vast and awesome scale: Washington Times

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The people in our industry are doers, people who get out and make things happen be it at work or in their private lives. We are always amazed by the wonderful things people do outside of their work. So this year for our customer evening rather than a talk on concrete (yes even for us there are limits) we are bringing in an adventurer. Someone who has undertaken one of the most amazing adventures. His book North to the Night is a classic modern adventure tale ranking alongside Into Thin Air or Touching the Void. The Washington Times calls it a grand adventure on a vast and awesome scale. Here I have copied the words from the cover of North to the Night:

Steering through the icebergs

Steering through the icebergs

In June 1994 Alvah Simon and his kiwi wife, Diana, set off in the 36′ sailboat to to explore the hauntingly beautiful world dog icebergs, tundra and fjords lying high above the Arctic Circle. Four months later unexpected events would trap Simon alone on his boat, frozen in ice 100 miles from the nearest settlement, with the long polar night stretching into darkness for months to come. With his world circumscribed by by screaming blizzards and marauding polar bears and his only company  a kitten named Halifax, Simon withstands months of crushing loneliness, sudden blindness, and private demons. Trapped in a boat buried beneath the drifting snow, he struggles through the perpetual darkness towards a spiritual awakening and an understanding of the forces that conspired to bring him there.

So book into your diaries the evening of the 12th November. Closer to the time we will confirm a venue and time but pencil it in. This is a talk you’ll regret not hearing.

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