Conslab Health and Safety

We were pleased to receive this glowing testimonial From Macrennie Commercial Construction recently regarding Conslab’s Health and Safety knowledge and procedures. H&S is of the utmost importance to our organisation and it’s fantastic to have this recognised by a long term partner.


“We have worked with Conslab for nearly 15 years, reviewing their Site Specific Safety Plans, auditing their procedures and observing their working methods.

When we review a company’s safety documentation and safety behavior we look for certain elements :-
1. Have they clearly stated the task they will undertake?
2. Have they identified the hazards associated with each task and assigned controls?
3. Do they have competent staff to undertake this work and ensure all controls are activated?

In all cases we have found Conslab fulfilled the above requirements in a professional manner.

In all the years on large or small sites we have never had to:-
1. Chase them for paperwork.
2. Issue them with a nonconformance notice.
3. Issue any warnings to any of their staff.

One of the main traits we have noticed with Conslab is that every worker from tradesman, operators ,finishers, supervisory staff is that everyone understands their safety methodologies and requirements.

In our H & S and management meetings – it has been confirmed on many occasions that we have rated them our number one (1) contractor.

Contractors like Conslab make our job that much easier and contributes to Macrennie maintaining an incredible H & S record.”

Tim O’Leary
Project Manager
Macrennie Commercial Construction Ltd

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