Cutting Every 2nd Bar of Mesh at Sawcut Joints

A common detail by engineers is to show every second bar of secondary reinforcement (generally top mesh) cut at sawcut joints. Conslabs view is that this is just plain wrong.

The engineer wants to ensure the crack occurs at the swat joint and not as a random crack but in doing so they are reducing the load carrying capacity of the slab and setting the slab up for ongoing maintenance as they increase the likelihood of a dominant joint. It highlights a fundamental misunderstanding of the reason for having secondary mesh in the slab in the first place.

To help construction companies and engineers avoid this pitfall we’ve written a small article outlining why we have mesh in the slab and what is going on at a sawcut joint.

To find out more read the article: The-Practice-of-Cutting-Reinforcing-at-Sawcuts

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