25,000 m2 PT floor with 16m high VNA racking

Conslab Floor for 16m VNA Racking | Conslab

As building costs rise we see more and more Very Narrow Aisle racking. Simply this allows the customer to get more stock in their building for the same space. At the recently constructed JPL distribution warehouse there is VNA configuration with 16m high racks. These are some of the highest racks in Australasia. It requires a very flat floor with this height racking to have the forklifts work effectively. Traditionally these have been constructed as strip pours so that you can screed from side to side. But the downside is a floor which is full of joints, and joints mean long term maintenance.

Conslab constructed a large post tensioned floor to avoid opening joints, the risk of course being that you don’t get the required flatness. Through our association with CoGri Group we imported specialist floor flatness measuring equipment that measures the flatness along the wheel tracks of

PT floor for VNA racking

Flatness Measurement of a VNA Aisle

forklifts. The aisles were measured to the Defined Movement Category 1 of the European code EN15620. Anywhere we did not meet the required flatness  (across the aisles was a maximum 1.96mm difference) we undertook specific grinding to ensure the forklifts can work efficiently within the narrow confines. The photo shows measurement after grinding to ensure the flatness was attained. You can see where we have had to grind the centre track of forklift to bring it within the flatness specification.

Curl is a major issue in large warehouse floors as the edges of the concrete floors curl up at joints due to shrinkage of the top surface of the concrete. This affects the efficiency of the forklifts. Conslab have developed the patented Rhino joint which restricts curl and protects joint edges. It can be seen below on the post tensioned floor. As well as restricting curl it halves the open joint width reducing the impact of the hard forklift tyres crossing the joint.

Concrete Floor joint restricts curl

Conslab Rhino Floor Joint Armour

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