Spectacular Photos of ANZ Centre Concrete Raft Slab

_SG17726Stephen Goodenough captured some wonderful shots of pouring the concrete raft slab for the new ANZ Centre in Christchurch. Working in the rain in the very early morning he’s captured the Conslab crew placing this thick raft slab for Leighs Construction. View the gallery to see the concrete flowing through the depth of reinforcing.

These thick raft slabs are a feature of the earthquake designs we are seeing for these large public buildings in Christchurch. Many of the foundations for the new Government buildings are 1200-1500mm thick. We are commonly doing pours of 1400m3 but we have two pours coming up with Fletcher Construction of 2400m3 for the Acute Services Building raft slab – yes that’s 480 truck loads of concrete! These thick raft slabs are so that if the sub-grade liquefies under a column the raft can span to ground that will support the loads. You can imagine that the cost of doing this adds considerably to the cost of building in Christchurch. are looking forward to the 2400m3 pours on the new Acute Services Building.

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