Cardinal Logistics Park

Logistics giant Cardinal required an immense concrete floor for a new warehouse. This project run by Haydn and Rollett involved the creation of a 19,500m2 internal post-tensioned concrete floor, a yard of 17,500 in steel fibre concrete floor and office space of polished concrete, finished with Pentraguard and an 800 grit polish.


“Because of the technical support and advice that Conslab provide we frequently engage them early on in the design process. Their quotes are always delivered on time and cover the scope of work accurately.


The Conslab team is very good to work with. They have excellent management and site staff that can be relied upon to provide a quality and timely service. They never shirk the responsibility of managing tricky situations that might arise on the building site.


The management team and site managers work well to provide consistent support to us as the head contractor. We can trust that they will deliver on their commitments. Conslab were required to pour concrete over 3.5 hectares, in 16 pours. Over this period they never failed to pour on the prearranged date.


In my experience Conslab’s performance rates amongst the highest of all subcontractors across the board for health and safety compliance, quality, delivering on time and technical support.


So all in all a good bunch to deal with!”


Matt Bird, Haydn and Rollett



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