JPL Group Distribution Warehouse

State of the Art Facility


A large warehouse distribution centre housing the JPL Group (comprising Farmers, Whitcoulls, Stevens and Pascoes) needed to include state-of-the-art warehouse design, construction and technology. Conslab’s brief was to provide a robust, durable concrete floor solution that would stand the test of time and require zero maintenance going forward. The surface was not allowed to wear out or dust and it was crucial to ensure there would be no weak points. Any saw cuts in the floor for example would provide weak points that would damage material handling equipment.


Conslab General Manager, Tim Walker says that “because the client was intending to use a cutting edge, very narrow aisle (VNA) system of racking and forklifts – up to 16m high – the floor level had to be perfectly flat. If the floor is out by even 2mm across the aisle, the material handling equipment (MHE) could lean by more than 30mm at the top of the mast and the system would be compromised.”*


Conslab recognised that the New Zealand concrete floor standards are not suitable for exacting requirements of a VNA facility and introduced the most up-to-date European concrete floor standards to ensure a smooth operation for the MHE. Specialist equipment from Australia was brought in to survey the concrete floor to the exacting standards.

A special laser screed technique was used by Conslab to construct the concrete floor and accommodate the right tolerance. Technical Director Andrew Dallas explains that this avoids the concrete floor having so many joins. There are only two joins in the whole 25.000m2 distribution centre concrete floor, and no saw cuts.


Conslab’s own Rhino Joint was applied so that the joins are protected and curl is mitigated. Finally, Conslab’s Diamond surface treatment increased the concrete floor’s sheen.


Tim Walker attributes the success of the project to the involvement of Conslab right from the start. Collaboratively Conslab was able to plan and optimise the concrete floor design and construction to DPL Group’s requirements.

*Volume 30/12 edition Commercial Design Trends. 46167 at

Conslab May-15-37

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