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Epoxy and Polyurethane Coatings

For critical areas sometimes concrete cannot do the job and you require an epoxy coating. In particular where you require chemical resistance, hygiene for food handling and manufacture, impact resistance, a great appearance, colour or non slip then concrete may not do the job and an epoxy coating is necessary. Since combining with Brockliss Contractors in late 2014 Conslab have been able to provide the great combination of Jamie Brockliss’s experience and Sika NZ’s unrivalled product and back up. We can help you with:

  • Floor preparation through diamond grinding or dust free shot blasting.
  • Heavy duty floor toppings for excellent resistance to abrasion, impact damage and chemical attack. Suitable for food, dairy, chemical, garage and engineering workshops, warehouses and loading bays.
  • For normal to medium duty applications we have roll on epoxy coatings in a good range of colours. These are economical, solvent free giving good chemical resistance and abrasion for factory floors, workshops, garages and storage areas. These can have a smooth or non-slip finish.
  • Do you need a fantastic look for operations such as food processing or pharmaceutical. We can help you with a high build self smoothing epoxy coating for a wonderful glossy appearance.
  • If your having trouble with your programme for application of vinyls or tiles we can apply a moisture barrier to allow you to install your vinyls or tiles before the concrete has dried sufficiently.
  • If you have an issue with wet or slippery conditions then we can provide a variety of non slip finishes which will be suitable with most of our coatings.
  • If your warehouse has a lot of stock then you might want the surface sealed to prevent dusting. Conslab Diamond an advanced lithium silicate has been used on many of NZ’s premier warehouse stock. This has the added advantage of polishing up to look great as the floor wears.

The more we can learn about what you do the greater the likelihood you’ll get the coating your need. We’re happy to visit to discuss options.


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