Conslab services include:


Conslab offers you extensive knowledge and experience in everything to do with concrete floors from the initial planning, to construction, through to maintenance or enhancing existing concrete floors. Design & Build Early involvement with Conslab will mean the right choice and the best value concrete floor. We are the experts on concrete floor design, construction…

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Conslab are the premier provider for concrete flooring in New Zealand. Be that full construction of your concrete floors for your new retail centre of warehouse, placing and finishing of the floors to a high rise office or apartment, or construction of your pavement, canopy or yard. We construct all types of concrete floor be it…

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While we like to build new concrete floors we also believe it is important to extend the life of your existing concrete floors. Concrete flooring maintenance is a priority to ensure the efficiency and longevity of your operations. When left the cost of concrete floor repair goes up exponentially so it is imperative to get in early when it…

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Protect & Enhance

Since acquiring Brockliss Contractors in 2014 (a leading New Zealand supplier of epoxy and polyurethane toppings), Conslab has broadened its expertise in provision of epoxy coatings to enhance the durability, hygiene or aesthetics of your concrete floor. From heavy duty screeds to coloured toppings, smooth or non-slip, acid and chemical resistance, moisture barriers for early application of toppings,…

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