Conslab are the premier provider for concrete flooring in New Zealand. Be that full construction of your concrete floors for your new retail centre of warehouse, placing and finishing of the floors to a high rise office or apartment, or construction of your pavement, canopy or yard. We construct all types of concrete floor be it post tensioned, steel fibre, combi (combined mesh and steel fibre) or conventional mesh.

We have built food-manufacturing plants, freight-warehousing,  container-slabs and airbase flooring. Where you have specific requirements for your concrete floor, working with Conslab will provide you with advantage.

Conslab work through out New Zealand with crews based in Christchurch and Auckland.

Where the floor surface matters Conslab will undertake full contract so that all responsibility sits with us. Where it is not so crucial we can provide placing and finishing services only or a package such as supply, pump and place so that responsibility for the concrete pour sits with Conslab.

We Do All Types of Concrete Floor:

Post-Tensioned Floors

Conslab has constructed more than 1million square metres of post-tensioned concrete floors. We also have experience in elevated post-tensioned concrete slabs. In conjunction with our supplier BBR Contech, Conslab are the leading constructor of post tensioned concrete floors in New Zealand.

Steel Fibre Floors

We have been involved in the construction of a similar volume of steel fibre concrete floors – both joint-less and sawcut. We have constructed a lot of internal steel fibre warehouse floors but typically in yards and pavements where it is more economical than mesh. Conslab use the Dramix fibre supplied by BOSFA.

Combi Floors

Conslab build “combi-slab” concrete floors. These are a combination of specialist mesh and steel fibre with no joins (even though visible but tight cracking on the concrete can occur).

Traditional Mesh

Mesh slabs are still a very economical option and can be designed to provide load carrying capacity.

Conslab Rhino – Patented Joint Armour

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