Conslab offers you extensive knowledge and experience in everything to do with concrete floors from the initial planning, to construction, through to maintenance or enhancing existing concrete floors.

Design & Build

Early involvement with Conslab will mean the right choice and the best value concrete floor. We are the experts on concrete floor design, construction and pricing to help you make the right choice. We work with consultants, construction companies and engineers so that the concrete floor design fits within the overall building structure. Conslab ensures every concrete floor it builds fits your exact requirements. We combineĀ our technical expertise, practical knowledge and experience as well as our full understanding of time and cost. ConslabĀ is unique!


Conslab can advise contractors on options to help you win concrete floor tenders. We are also experts on highlighting potential concrete floor risk exposures. We solve any concrete floor site/build issues by finding the best solution for the consultants and client.


Conslab will provide expert advice on various technical aspects of your concrete floor. We advise on the grinding required to achieve concrete floor flatness to suit your racking and forklifts both in a new floor build and on existing floors.

We understand the various world concrete floor flatness standards:

The specialist aisle-measuring equipment that we use highlights where an aisle needs to be ground to bring it within standard.


Conslab’s monitoring reports will report on the state of the concrete floor and what needs to be done to keep it up to standard. Also, our experienced engineers Andrew Dallas and Tim Walker can provide expert witness services if needed.


Conslab will provide training for your company and staff in the form of short presentations on concrete flooring and pavements.


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