While we like to build new concrete floors we also believe it is important to extend the life of your existing concrete floors. Concrete flooring maintenance is a priority to ensure the efficiency and longevity of your operations. When left the cost of concrete floor repair goes up exponentially so it is imperative to get in early when it is easy, quick and relatively cheap to undertake repairs.

It makes sense to talk to Conslab with its leading knowledge on concrete floors and pavements. To undertake the right concrete floor repair solution you have to know what has happened and how the floor is working.

Prior to repair, Conslab will isolate the issue and from there choose the appropriate method and products for repair.

We will repair:

Conslab also remove and replace damaged areas if necessary.

A range of leveling services is also available:

Minimal disruption to business is a priority for Conslab while maintenance is carried out. This often means working out of normal hours and over weekends. We will focus on repair solutions that ensure your operation is up and running as soon as possible.

Conslab can scrub and sweep your floors be that for an existing operation or a construction contractor wanting to clean a floor prior to handover.

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