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Health, Safety & Wellbeing

We believe that all accidents are preventable and our long-term goal is to eliminate all serious workplace injuries across the company. Our goal is to ensure zero harm. 

Our number one priority is to focus on lead indicators to ensure future improvement. These include measures and initiatives that identify risks and hazards before they result in incident or injury – avoiding incidents rather than acting on them after they have happened.

Our first priority includes putting in place measures to prevent risks and incidents in addition to documenting safety outcomes which remain a crucial part of our operations. 


Conslab are proud of our safety record with 0 serious harm incidents in over 8 years. All site staff are Sitewise certified, and the company has achieved Sitewise Green status. 


Our approach to safety is based on continuous improvement, with bi-annual safety days where all staff spend a full day on Health & Safety training and development. We provide all PPE for our staff and are vigilant in ensuring it's use. All staff receive annual health checks. 


Site specific safety plans (SSSP's) are developed for all project which we are involved in. 


Conslab are Mates in Construction partners, which provides support for all staff to improve mental health and prevent suicide in the construction industry. 


Concrete production is a significant contributor to global warming and natural resource depletion. Conslab are committed to doing everything we can to reduce the environmental impact of construction work we undertake. 


As experts in concrete technology, Conslab advise on measures which can be used on each of our projects to reduce environmental impacts without compromising on concrete quality.  


Reducing the embodied carbon of concrete is often seen by project managers, engineers and architects as a challenging prospect with a lot of uncertainties. There is a perception that cost, quality and project programs will all be compromised by using concrete with reduced environmental impacts – but this doesn't have to be the case. 


By working with our supply partners and drawings our teams construction experience and expertise in concrete technology, Conslab can offer solutions which reduce the embodied carbon of the concrete used on our projects without any increase in risk or cost. 


For projects seeking Greenstar points under the Life Cycle Impacts – Concrete criteria (credit 19B.1), Conslab can provide options for achieving the most points possible with locally available materials, and take care of Greenstar reporting and compliance requirements. 


In addition to advising our customers on improving environmental performance on their projects – Conslab have reduced our impact in the majority of our projects through the development and promotion of efficient concrete slab designs (Post-tensioned and Steel Fibre), which can have up to 30% lower embodied carbon per m2 compared to conventional designs. 

Industry Participation

Conslab are committed to the advancement of the concrete construction industry. Since our inception, we have been setting the example for others to follow when it comes to professionalism in the concrete trades. 


We have been actively involved in a range of industry organisations for many years. Our management team are committed to sharing our knowledge and innovations through industry conferences and publications. 

Industry Organisations


Some of the industry organisations which our company supports and are member of: 



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