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Repair | Maintain | Enhance

Conslab's Extend division provides the complete range of concrete coatings, repair, maintenance and enhancement services.


Why replace old or worn out concrete when it can often be repaired or rejuvenated for a fraction of the cost. Conslab can enhance the functionality and appearance of any concrete floor or structure.  



Repairs & Maintenance 


It is often said that concrete maintenance costs increase exponentially if not taken care of regularly. Concrete assets, in particular floor slabs, are expensive to construct, but if properly taken care of should last many decades. Regular inspection and maintenance ensures this is the case.  


If floors and structures are left to deteriorate – minor issues can become major. Regular inspection and repair of minor issues is essential to the long-term performance of concrete assets. 


Conslab can manage and perform any type of concrete repairs – from patching small areas or holes,  through to full rip-out and replace and seismic strengthening. Conslab's experts will recommend repair solutions that ensure repairs are long lasting and restore full functionality and durability.  



Aged concrete floors and structures can be difficult to replace or alter. Re purposing existing buildings for new purposes often means that a floor which was perfectly suitable for the previous use (I.e storage or a workshop) is no longer suitable for the new use (I.e retail or accomodation). There are a range of options for rejuvenating and enhancing the look of a concrete floor, from light polishing to enhance appearances and reduce maintenance, through to high-end architectural finishes with high-gloss polished concrete. 


Seismic strengthening of existing concrete structures is also a great option for extending the life and value of aged concrete structures. Conslab's strengthening experience and ability to manage and perform small concrete works and upgrades makes us a one-stop-shop for enhancing existing concrete assets. 


Epoxy coating 2.jpeg


Coatings and floor screeds to concrete floors are used for a wide variety of reasons. They can be used to change the appearance of a floor with coloured epoxy, enhance safety by using a non-slip coating, or protect the underlying concrete from everyday wear and tear or harsh chemicals.   


The appearance and use of concrete floors can be completely transformed with an epoxy coating.   


A range of epoxy and coating systems are available with various benefits and characteristics. For decorative applications epoxies can be coloured, have decorative flake or aggregate added and be applied in any pattern or shape desired. For industrial applications epoxies are used for waterproofing, anti-slip, chemical resistance, impact resistance and to allow for easy cleaning in hygiene-sensitive facilities.  


Conslab's experience and expertise in coating means we can advise on appropriate systems which are cost effective and will meet your specific requirements.  


In addition to selecting the correct coating for a given application, attention to detail in surface preparation and coating application are key to ensuring coatings are long-lasting and durable. Conslab's experienced team of coatings applicators will clean and prepare the surface, fill joints and repair cracks prior to applying coatings.   

MIT 3.jpg




Topping slabs are used for enhancing old floors and providing a durable hard wearing surface. Topping slabs are thin concrete slabs laid over existing concrete. The design and construction of topping slabs needs to be specific to the site's requirements and the slab's use.   


Some of the uses for topping slabs include:  


  • Provide a dense, hard-wearing surface for slabs with heavy traffic and industrial use 

  • Provide falls for drainage purposed to level slabs  

  • Level slabs with falls and gradients  

  • Toppings can be designed for grinding/polishing with coloured concrete/aggregates - allowing customisation of the finished polished concrete appearance  

  • Substrate for applied coating/tiles/carpet when the existing slab is not suitable  

  • More cost-effective long-term option to make good a heavily damaged/worn slab 


Thin topping slabs < 100mm thick should be bonded to the underlying slab. Surface preparation of the underlying slab is critical. The underlying concrete must be roughened to aid adhesion, clean and free of dust/debris. Conslab use mechanical or chemical bonding systems depending on the site-specific requirements.  


Thicker topping slabs are generally constructed as an unbonded topping. Unbonded topping slabs are separated from the underlying concrete by a slip layer to allow the topping to shrink without cracking.  


Topping slabs must be carefully designed and detailed to control cracking, and constructed by experienced tradespeople to prevent failure and re-work. Conslab can manage the full process from design & detailing through to construction, making topping slabs stress free. 




The process of grinding and polishing a concrete floor completely transforms it's appearance and texture.   


Grinding floors removes the top surface of concrete, exposing the aggregate within. The depth of grinding determines how much of the underlying aggregate will be visible on the finished floor. A light grind, known as salt and pepper, exposes only a small amount of aggregate so that the floor has a speckled appearance. Grinding further exposes more aggregate, and the deepest grind taking off approximately half of the top layer of aggregate, exposing the aggregate structure and colour and giving a very unique look to the floor.  


Concrete polishing smooths the concrete surface and provides a glossy finish. Floors are typically polished after grinding, but any floor can be polished to enhance it's gloss and sheen.   


All concrete floors can be ground and/or polished – and the finished appearance will depend on the quality and characteristics of the concrete, and of the grinding/polishing process used.  


For new concrete, Conslab can provide a full service solution including construction of the concrete floor. When building floors which are to be ground/polished, the concrete mix design can be designed for a specific appearance, with various aggregate shapes/sizes/sources and concrete colours offering endless customisation.  


When existing concrete floors are ground and polished we uncover what is hidden beneath the surface. Grinding old floors reveals the story of the floor slabs construction and life. No two concrete floors are the same and the finished appearance of a ground and polished floor is always unique.  



joint sealing


Concrete slabs are designed with joints in them to allow for the slab to shrink and/or expand without cracking. Joints in concrete floors and pavements vary in type and size, and almost always benefit from regular maintenance and sealing.  


Sealing concrete joints helps to support the joint edge and prevent damage under traffic and heavy use. It also prevents water and debris from entering the joint. Joints full of debris are more likely to be damaged and water ingress through joints can lead to premature failure of concrete slabs.  


A wide range of joint sealants are available depending on the specific service conditions of the slab. Conslab can advise on joint sealant selection suitable to your site, and offer a full joint cleaning and sealing service. 

Joint Sealing - Right and Wrong.jpg


IMG_0832 (3).jpg

Concrete joints are the most common point of failure in slabs and pavements. Heavy traffic, poor construction practice, design deficiencies and changes to slab use can all lead to joints being overloaded and damaged.   


Often it may seem that slabs with damaged and deteriorating joints need to be ripped out and replaced, but this is often not necessary. Conslab 's team are experienced in a range of techniques and methods of stabilizing, repairing and reinstating damaged joints.  


If joint damage is addressed early, when signs of joint distress first become apparent, then repairs are often minor and non-disruptive. Joints can be stabilised and strengthened to improve their durability to the working environment and ensure they still function.   


When joint damage is allowed to continue to a significant amount of time, repairs become more involved and complex. This may involve cutting out areas of slab alongside joints and reinstating the slab with a new armored joint system.  


Regardless of the level of concrete joint damage you may be experiencing – Conslab can advise on the best approach to repairs and maintenance so that you can get the most out of your concrete slab or pavement.   

IMG_2987 (1).jpg



There is a saying in the concrete industry that all concrete cracks – and if it's hasn't cracked yet it's just a matter of time. This isn't necessarily the case with well-designed floors like those designed & built by Conslab, but cracking is a major cause of concern for many building owners none the less.  


Cracks range in cause and severity. In many cases they are not an indication of structural or durability issues but are unsightly. In some instances cracks can be a risk to concrete elements durability as they allow ingress of moisture and contaminants which could lead to premature failure or further maintenance issues.  


Conslab are experts in crack repairs, from aesthetic repairs intended to hide the appearance of cracks, to structural crack repair which restores the strength of the cracked concrete.  


There is a range of crack repair products and methods, which need to be assessed for each project to determine the best repair strategy. Crack size, width, location and the type of concrete element all need to be considered when planning a repair. Conslab can provide options for any form of crack repair to ensure a long-lasting and durable solution.  



Racking hold down bolts are critical to the structural stability of racking systems. When racking layouts are changed or a warehouse with racking is vacated, bolt holes are left in the floor which need to be filled.   


Bolt hole repairs may seem like a simple task, but Conslab often sees cases where repairs are poorly done, messy and not done to last.  


Conslab's approach to bolt hole repair is unobtrusive and leaves the surface of the slab smooth. The repair material used is very high strength and fast-setting. This means the floor can be trafficked within 12 hours of repairs, and that the repairs are strong enough to withstand heavy traffic and impacts.  

Rushed Job_edited.jpg
Toll 2.jpg



Keeping concrete slabs clean and free of dust/debris is key to maintaining industrial and logistics floors. Buildup of debris on/around slabs can cause damage to joints and products stored on the slabs. Regular cleaning reduces the risk of premature slab wear and saves repair costs over the life of the slab.  


Conslab has a range of slab cleaning solutions, including ride-on scrubbing machines and specially formulated cleaning solutions. Conslab's cleaning solutions are perfect for restoring the look of old and dirty slabs, removing tyre marks, grease and oil stains.  


Our ride on scrubbers allows for fast and effective cleaning of large areas and is perfect for end-on-tenancy cleaning and preparing slabs for epoxy coatings or repairs.  



In our earthquake prone country seismic strengthening project have become a critical way to add resilience to existing structures.  The Conslab team have a broad range of experience in delivering seismic strengthening projects – from the building analysis and assessment stage through to project delivery.  

Our broad capabilities as a concrete contractor and specialist repair and maintenance contractor allow us to deliver value in either main contractor or specialist sub-contractor roles on seismic upgrade projects. 




Conslab have a broad range of expertise when it comes to designing, building and maintaining concrete floors and structures and this makes us uniquely situated to deliver complex small works projects and upgrades. Whether a project is driven by seismic strengthening requirements, automation upgrades, processing/manufacturing changes or a landlord wanting to refresh a building to remarket it – Conslab have the capability to assist.  


Conslab can help with maintenance assessment, remediation and upgrade scoping, and project delivery – tying together our broad range of expertise in concrete for the clients benefit.  

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