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Concrete Construction Experts

Conslab are the concrete construction experts - offering full package solutions for concrete, reinforcing and formwork. 



The Conslab Process 


Careful planning and focus on collaboration

From conception to pre-construction through to project delivery and hand over – we deliver the construction results our clients expect by combining a collaborative approach with proactive planning.  

Control the key inputs

Concrete, reinforcing steel and formwork all supplied, coordinated, managed and installed by Conslab. This minimises delays and provides efficiency to our projects.

Flexibility of Resources

Conslab's expertise and resources across our construction, flooring and extend divisions provides flexibility and capabilities in all aspects of concrete construction.

Managing the risks

A rigorous approach to safety, quality and time management of structural concrete delivery by a team of experienced construction experts. 


Concrete Construction for Retail & Mixed use developments

Integrated concrete construction solutions for complex Retail & Mixed use developments


Retail and mixed use developments can be highly program driven. They can also involve a complex mix of base build and tenant fit out specs and a diverse range of finishes. Conslabs ability to execute the full package of concrete work – from foundations, through to structural frame, a variety of structural slab solutions, and additional systems like epoxy coatings, waterproofing and polished concrete, make us well suited to the market segment.  


Our track record in this space speaks for itself – including delivery of the concrete work for New Zealand’s largest retail development, 277 Westfield, and being a preferred contractor for retailers like Bunning’s NZ and The Warehosue.  Our ability to control key inputs like concrete, reinforcing and formwork, coupled with our collaborative and plan first approach allows us to navigate the sometimes fluid nature of design and construction priorities in retail and mixed use developments.  



Fast, efficient, safe and reliable construction

Reduce construction risk and let  Conslab turn around your project quickly and help manage change.


Commercial & Office buildings can require fast delivery of the structure coupled with cost efficiency. Conslab has a proven track required of handling and excelling in the construction of commercial concrete structures. This starts from the ground up. Foundations are the most important part of any building as it provides the platform for all other works, which is why we take our quality control and delivery so seriously. Using cutting edge technology, and constant ability to upskill staff, we ensure each building is provided the best quality foundations, the first time.  


Having experienced managers and engineers analysing and coordinating projects from the outset ensures success and minimizes project risk. Our abilities don’t stop in the ground – Conslab are New Zealands foremost experts in placing and finishing high tolerance floors – with well over 5 million square metres under our belts. In commercial and office buildings this translates into expert planning and delivery of floors no matter what the project throws at us – weather, high tolerances or program challenges.  


Conslab provide full analysis and management of the unique risks that come with each project – whether the key challenges are site access, restricted working hours, concrete supply management, formwork requirements/pressures and temporary works design, or the intricacies of mixing structural systems like pre-cast with in-situ or steel elements. We put the hard work into the analysis, co-ordination and planning to ensure we get it right first time.  


Post-Tensioned concrete slab Design & build solutions 

Conslab design & build suspended post-tensioned slabs offer reduced construction cost, schedule and environmental impacts.


Conslab have pioneered the design and construction of suspended post-tensioned (PT) concrete slabs in New Zealand, unlocking greater efficiencies for architects, engineers and developers. Suspended PT slabs can have greater spans and reduced slab depths, resulting in fewer columns and lower floor heights. Greater flexibility of tenancy layouts, service locations, reduced construction schedules and lower environmental impacts are just some of the advantages.  


Post-tensioning uses high tensile strength steel strands cast into the slab, which are tensioned to control concrete shrinkage and resist loads applied to the slab. This significantly reduces the volume of conventional reinforcing required, and allows for thinner slab profiles with flat soffits.   


Conslab offers a full package solution for suspended PT slabs, managing the full design and construction process. This approach reduces complexity and risk to the client by giving Conslab full responsibility for the suspended PT slabs.  




Reliable concrete solutions for Multi-Unit Residential

Full package concrete, steel and formwork solutions for fast and efficient Multi-Unit Residential construction


With limited land availability, particularly in cities like Auckland and Wellington, the best solution can be to build upwards. Whether it’s a five or fifteen storey apartment building, highly repetitive or highly bespoke, Conslab have the ability to deliver a full concrete construction package safely, on time, and on budget. Our focus on planning and collaboration lead to organized work sequences and clean hand overs to following trades – resulting in better outcomes for the entire project team.  


Whether a structure uses composite steel deck floors, conventional in-situ ,  post-tensioned, rib and timber infill or precast flat slab, we have been there and built that – and picked up plenty of tricks along the way. By controlling reo, concrete and co-ordination of service trades, we supply a full product that checks all the boxes, as well as take the headache away from the client by providing predictability.  


Civil and Infrastructure concrete construction

Conslab go the extra mile to get it right first try on the most challenging Civil and infrastructure projects .


Civil infrastructure is often constructed in extremely demanding environments with long design life of 50+ years, requiring concrete mix designs with low permeability to ensure long-term durability. This is typically achieved by the use of Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCMs) such as Silica Fume or Fly ash, possibly in conjunction with high cement contents and low water/cement ratios. Such mix designs can be extremely difficult to work with. Plastic shrinkage cracking, low-bleed, poor pumpability and workability are common issues. Construction in exposed or remote locations often exacerbates these issues.  


Additional project requirements such as high flexural strength concrete for runways, low workability mix designs, low shrinkage mix designs etc, can add to the challenges.  


Conslab are concrete construction experts who love a challenge. We've been working on some of NZ's most demanding civil and infrastructure  projects for over 20 years, and have developed a wealth of experience in the design and construction of concrete bridge decks, port pavements, runways and roads.   


By developing a project specific methodology to account the unique challenges of every site, Conslab mitigate the risk of non-conformance and expensive re-work.   


For heavy-duty port pavements, runways and concrete roads, Conslab can deploy our Allen Triple Tube Roller screed, which allows for the efficient accurate placement of deep concrete slabs.  



Airport pavement and structural concrete solutions

Proven technical expertise and construction management for Airport concrete pavements and structures


Airport projects can be complex requiring a broad depth of expertise in concrete technology and concrete construction techniques in order to deal with the mix of local and international (FAA style) standards that must be strictly adhered to. Adding to this technical complexity are the project delivery challenges such as security access, airside FOD management and the vigilance required to work alongside airport operations throughout construction activities. 

Conslab’s focus on planning, collaboration, supply chain optimization and risk management  underpin our strong track record in the airport projects. Whether it’s delivering hangar projects airside repairs such as the AIAL hangar remedial and upgrade, or PQC pavements for taxiways and runways including Whenuapai airbase. Conslab combine our concrete technology and construction expertise with project delivery excellence to make our customers job easier.  


Concrete expertise for Public Assets and projects

Full concrete construction risk management and delivery for complex public and government construction projects


Public and government concrete projects can be as simple as school classrooms and footbaths, but at Conslab we are typically talking about the type of projects we cherish – the ones that pose unique challenges. Conslab have a track record delivering public buildings of significance – such as stadia (Spark Arena, TISEC, Marine Events Centre), emergency services and justice related buildings (Justice Precinct), Defence Department projects (Whenupai) and prisons (Mt Eden Prison). 


These projects can require the management of  complex stakeholder requirements, heightened security precautions, and strict adherence to technical and contractual requirements. 

 Conslab provide full analysis and management of the unique risks that come with each project – whether the key challenges are site access, restricted working hours,  security, concrete supply risks, concrete technology requirement, thermal management or the whole other raft of challenges that unique and large scale government projects can bring to the fore. We put the hard work into the analysis, co-ordination and planning to ensure we get it right first time. 



Concrete construction solutions for Healthcare projects

Careful planning and coordination by the Conslab experts ensures success on complex Healthcare projects


Healthcare projects can create unique challenges for concrete contractors. They often involve working on-sites adjacent to an existing occupied facility and therefore create constraints on access, hours of work, noise levels and interface management that require a high level of planning. The projects can also incorporate complex specifications compared to more standardized commercial structures.  


Conslab use our decades of cast in-situ concrete experience to coordinate and execute healthcare projects at the highest level – brining formwork, reinforcing, large foundation raft slab and concrete technology expertise to the table to deliver exceptional results.  

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