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Whenuapai Taxiway & Hardstand

Taxiway and hardstand reconstruction project at NZDF Base Whenuapai.

Conslab were engaged to construct the concrete pavements for a 15,000 m2 taxiway and hardstand reconstruction project at NZDF Base Whenuapai. The technical specification for the concrete pavement was very exacting to accommodate the Principals requirement for a long asset life with minimal maintenance. Conslab worked collaboratively with the client and principal consultants to develop an optimal concrete mix design and casting methodology that would meet the requirements for extremely accurate pavement finished levels, defect-free wearing surfaces, and high concrete flexural strength.

Conslab supplied and placed nearly 7,000 m3 of the specially designed high flexural strength concrete to construct the pavements. The weather conditions at NZDF Base Whenuapai, with high wind speeds which can lead to plastic shrinkage cracking in concrete pavements, created additional challenges for the project team. Faced with a high risk of unacceptable surface defects from adverse weather, or alternatively delaying casting dates to avoid high wind, the team redeveloped the casting methodology to reduce weather risk and even improve program duration.

Key Stats

2018 - 2019

Fulton Hogan


  • 15,000m2 of high-performance Taxiway and Hardstand Pavement

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