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Bunnings DC

High-performance slabs for busy Distribution Centre

Bunnings, the home-improvement retailer, will be opening a distribution centre close to the Auckland airport. Conslab has been contracted to carry out the concrete pours for the warehouse slab and external yard on this 33,775m2 site. The project utilised in total 5,576m3 of concrete.

One of the key highlights of this project was the concrete pour for the warehouse slab (20,235m2 in size) which was poured over 6 back-to-back concrete pours with 3,542m3 of post-tensioning slab.

The external yard (13,540m2in size) utilised a 2,031m3of combi slab as well as 50,000kg of steel fibre and a single layer of mesh with a combined weight of 77.48 tonnes.

Key Stats




  • 20,235m2 Post-Tensioned warehouse slab

  • 13,540m2 Heavy Duty Combi Slab pavement, designed and built by Conslab 

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