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Massive Manufacturing Facility

Conslab were engaged to design and construct the 50,000 m2 concrete floors, and 20,000 m2 heavy-duty container pavements for the Sistema Plastic Manufacturing Facility in Auckland. After close consultation with the client and principal, Conslab developed a “best in class” post-tensioned slab on grade solution for the manufacturing facility floor.

The floor only required two opening joints within the main facility, dramatically reducing the expected maintenance costs over the life of the facility and allowing for flexibility for laying out production machinery in the future. The 50,000 m2facility was constructed in 14 large pours using a Somero Laser Screed to cast the floor to within +/- 10 mm of datum and EN15620 “FM2” tolerances quickly, efficiently, and with minimal labour.

The 20,000 m2 heavy container pavement was designed to accommodate block stacking of 40-foot shipping containers in double-height stacks that combined to weigh nearly 50 tons each. The facility also utilized container handling equipment with 12-ton wheel loads.

Conslab provided a robust 220 mm thick high strength pavement, using steel fibre reinforcement in combination with rebar to resist the heavy loads and provide a pavement without saw cuts and with minimal joints. In total Conslab utilized nearly 15,000 m3 of concrete on the project.

Key Stats


Haydn & Rollett


  • 50,000m2 Post-Tensioned warehouse slab

  • 20,000m2 Heavy Duty Combi Slab pavement, designed and built by Conslab 

Project Gallery

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